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Article: Girls/Womens Stages Of Personal Development

Life Cycle Stages

Stages In Learning Cycle

Life Cycle Ceremonies


Hokßi uñöaöi (baby wrapped up)

Teaching (before & after birth) [talk and exercise]

Announcement of birth


Slippery step

(the first steps an infant takes)

Waíañyañ najiñ (standing sacred)

Understanding (begin to understand what you are telling them)

Announcement of first steps

Ear peircing

Huñúa (making of relatives)

Win©iñ©ala (girl)

Experience (begin to experience for themselves)

Announcement of first quill work

Possibly Throwing of the ball

Walking knee deep in mud

(child is walking on his own but with difficulty)

Wikoßúalaúa (young women)

Knowledge (from teaching & experience begin to gain knowledge)

Tatañka Lowañöi (womanhood ceremony)

Ißnaåi (monthly cycle)

Virgins Feasts

Possibly sun dance virgin

Walking in coldness

(the early teenager searching for identity of his own)

Walking in thorns

(young adult, unsure, restless, sometimes out of control and doing crazy things)

Wiñyañ (women)

Application (can actually perform the things they learned – first step of wisdom)


Ißnaåi (monthly cycle)

Induction into a society

Honoured for achievements

Hunúa for your first born

Tatanka Lowañöi for your daughter

Throwing of the Ball for your child

Wanaði Yuhaöi (spirit keeping)

Possibly hamble©iya (vision quest)

Walking among swarming bees

(as an adult you are faced with many demands and are froced to do many things)

Winuü©ala (old woman)

Intellect (can explain things to the people and can pray, are considered a gifted and knowledgeable person in the community)

Honoured for achievements

Wanaði Yuhaöi (spirit keeping)

Walking over the bodies of your relatives

(if you have a strong mind and body you will out live many of your relatives)

Wayuöiúa (expert) [ie: wiñyañ waíañ mani, wiñyañ waíañ, wi©aglata, or respected artist]

Expert (is an authority in one or more areas –not every women achieves this level while some may be gifted and become recognized as an expert at an early age)

Honored for achievements

Wanaði Yuhaöi (spirit keeping)

[you may have the expertise to assist with ceremonies such as the sun dance]

Step on to the wanði ©añku

(the sprit road)