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Article: Hohe Demographics

As described by First Boy - James Larpentuer Long, Fort Peck Assiniboine-Sioux, in The Assiniboine: From Accounts of the Old Ones Told to First Boy (James Larpenteur Long), edited by Michael Stephen Kennedy , University of Oklahoma Press, 1961, p 16 (originally published as Land of the Nakoda by the Montana Writer Program in 1942)

The only way an estimate of the population of the tribe was made, before the white man came, was to count the bands and the number of people in each band. At the peak of their popu-lation the Assiniboine tribe consisted of thirty-three bands which had from 700 to 1000 persons in each band.

In 1823, Renville estimated the number at 28,000 (7,000 warriors and 3,000 lodges ) . By 1908, Curtis placed the Assiniboine population at 1,217 in the United States and 873 in Canada.