Christian Influences

Beloit Daily News - Saturday, January 4, 1997
Cahtolic Church Brings Lakota Culture To Mass
BrokenLeg - Dakota Religous Expression
Catholic Encyclopedia Sioux Indians
Christianity Among the Indians of the Americas - Marquette University
Corpus Christi Caller Times - Prayer circle keeps fire blazing in Indian hearts
Hidden Histories in the United Church of Christ American Indians
Native American Religion in Early America - The 17th and 18th Centuries
Neighbors in Need and the UCC's Council for American Indian Ministry
Role As God's Servants
PCC - Assembly Office
The Catholic Telegraph - Year 170 No.43 October 26, 2001
Native Spirituality Sheds a New light on Christianity
BrokenLeg - That The People May Live
Soulwise Beginnings

Current Issues

Accomodation of Lakota Relgious Pracices at Devils Tower

Declaration of War
Lakota Oyate Theft & Destruction
Readings on Cultural Respect
South Dakota prohibition against Native ceremonies
Standing Buffalo Sundance Porcupine South Dakota
Statement of by Orville Looking Horse On the Protection of Bear Butte
Conflict Over Bear Butte
Orville Looking Horse o Big Mountain Sundance
Argus Leader - Special Coverage Sweat Lodge

Customs & Ceremonial Practices

Coolidge Was Adopted Member of Sioux Tribe
Lone Star Quilts - A Quilt with History and Meaning
StarQuilt Legend
The Native American Ghost Dance
The First Hunka Ceremony
Yankton, Yanktonai, Assiniboine-lock of hair-memorial
CSP - 'A Brief History of the Native American Church'
The Native American Church
JS Online For Native American Church, peyote is sacred
Native American Church
The Native American Church Recollections of the Peyote Road
The Spirituality of the Sioux
Sun Dance of Sioux
Sundance at Cannonball - Sat Eve Post artist taking photos
History of Sweat Lodges
Information on Sweat Lodges
The YUWIPI and LOWANPI Ceremonies
Imagining and Imagining the Ghost Dance
Womanhood Ceremonies
Ghost Dance

Retention & Renewal

Return of the Buffalo

Beliefs-Culture Near Exctinction
Totkala Society Website
World Peace & Prayer Day 2003 in Austrailia
Orville Looking - 2003 World Peace & Prayer Day
1994 Unity Ride
1995 Unity Ride
1996 Unity Ride
1997 Unity Ride
Native American Healing
Wisdom of the Elders Inc.
As Others Abandon Plains, Indians and Bison Come Back
Native American Beliefs
The White Buffalo Calf Woman Prophecy of the Lakota

Worldview & Beliefs

Hu Nunpa The Sacred Bear
Animal Symbolism in Plains Indian Sun Dance
Honouring the Animals Spirits
Native American Birds
Indigenous Agriculture and Environmental Beliefs
Native Americans and the Environment
Quotations from American Indians on Environmental Protection and Respect for Nature
Standing Bear and other Indian 'words on nature'
Ancient Astronomy
Meteors and the Native Americans
Native American Ethnobotany Database
Rock Art & Astronomy
Star Nations
Chief Eagle Importantce of the Tree
Anthropology of Religion
Lakota Primer
Native American Spirituality
Pipestone Quarry - Pipestone, Minnesota
Sacred Sites in the Black Hills
Dream Catcher (Lakota) Legend
Indian Why Stories-FrankLinderman-1915
Lakota - Iya, the Camp Eater
Lakota Celestial Imagery
Legend Of The White Buffalo
North American Bigfoot Legends
Story How the Lakota Received the Flute
The Bound Children
The Grat Race
The Legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman
White Buffalo Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman Brings First Pipe (Chasing Horse)
Beliefs about the body and dress - Legends of Our Times - Sacred Beings
Life Ways - World Views
Sky Watching
The Sacred Pipe
Tatanka (Buffalo)
Lakota Winter Soltice Stars
Morning Star
Lakota Women's Dress
Sioux Religion
Sioux Religion & Beliefs
Lakota Star Knowledge
How Grandfather Peyote came to the people
Badger Dream
Buffalo Grandmothers
Dakota Lochness Monster
Legend of the Flute
The Morning Star
The Whie Buffalo Woman
Devil Tower
Lakota - Iya, the Camp Eater
White Buffalo Calf Woman Brings the First Pipe

Cree Dene