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Article: Crazy Crane

The seasons were beginning to change. The winds were colder and the nights were longer. This was the signal, for many birds to fly south. The birds began to gather together for the trip.

One latecomer, whose name was "Crazy Crane", flew in and told the other birds, "Well friends, you can go without me, I am staying for the winter. " Grandpa Crane told Crazy Crane, "Some of our other friends stay here, but they can stand the cold. We were born in the summer, so we have to go where it is warm. We all have to go as a family. "

But Crazy Crane stubbornly said, "No, go ahead without me. I can stand the cold. My back is big and I have long legs, so cold will not kill me. " The rest of the cranes just shook their heads at Crazy Crane's foolishness.

Just then, a meadowlark flew in and pleaded with Crazy Crane, "Friend, please come with us. You cannot stand the cold and you will only die. Your relatives will blame us if we leave you here."

An owl flew in to listen to the talk, and he said, "Look at me, I have feathers on my legs and I live in a warm place. If it gets very cold, I can always seek shelter in a Lakota tipi, where there is a fire to keep me warm. Even then, when there are brown clouds in the sky and smoke goes straight up, I can still feel the cold."
Another summer bird came and offered some good advice, "If you must stay my friend, you should try to stay alive when the snow gets deep, by building a fire."
The next day, all the summer birds flew south, leaving Crazy Crane behind. During the next few days, the nights were cold but Crazy Crane was able to survive.

The first snow came and piled up, but it was not too cold. Crazy Crane came out and yelled to his friends, "Look at me! You told me not to stay here, but here I am. " Some snowbirds came to him and said, "Friend, do not say that. It is going to get even colder and you will wish you had not stayed. "

A north wind started to blow; brown clouds swiftly floated by; and it started to snow. The first blizzard of the winter was here. A snowbird flew by and Crazy Crane called to him, "Friend, bring me some more wood. "

The snowbird answered, "No, you can do it. You have a big back. "

Crazy Crane stood over his small fire, fanning it with his wings. In the morning, Crazy Crane lay there frozen to death.