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Article: Why the Baby Deer Wears Spots

Long ago, the Great Spirit was looking over the earth and thinking of the things he had done, for the many living creatures. "I have helped almost every creature, " the Great Spirit said. "I gave the porcupine quills, the wolf sharp, strong teeth, the buffalo horns and the deer swiftness. In fact, I have given nearly every creature some form of defense to use when in danger."

Suddenly, a mother deer sped by, followed by her baby. "Great Spirit, " said the mother deer, "You gave all of us some means of protection, but how can my little one keep away from danger?"
"I will take care of that," replied the Great Spirit. "I will make your baby hard to see."

So the Great Spirit carefully painted spots, upon the baby deer's body, until it blended in with the grass and brush.

From that time on, the mother deer would eat while the baby slept. The spots disappear when the baby deer is full grown, but then the spots are no longer needed. The gift of speed then protects the full grown deer from danger.