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Article: Maßþiñ©a Wa©iöi: the story of the Rabbit Dance.

A young hunter, had left camp during the winter to hunt for food. As he was hunting, a blizzard came and he became lost. For many hours he wandered around lost. All of a sudden, over the howl of the wind, he could hear the beat of a drum. So he followed the sound, thinking it would lead him back to his people.

As he came closer, he could not recognize the sound of this drum beat. He thought he had come to an enemy camp and became frightened. But he was brave and went on until he came to a clearing in the woods. He recognized the clearing and knew he was not too far from camp.

In the clearing, he could see several large jack rabbits. The rabbits were dancing in pairs. Their arms were crossed and they were holding each other's front paws. They had formed a large circle and what he thought was the beat of the drum, was really their hind feet thumping on the frozen ground as they danced.

He liked their dance and watched them for quite some time. Finally, he decided he had to go home, because he knew all his relatives would be worried about him. As he came near, his mother, father and all his relatives, came out to meet him. They were so happy, that he had found his way home.

He told his relatives of what had happened and about the dancing rabbits. Using a hand drum, he showed them the dance he had seen. For the rest of the winter, as the wind blew and the blizzards came, he and his relatives never noticed. They were very busy dancing the rabbit dance.

Today the Maßþiñ Wa©iöi is still a popular social dance among the Laíoþa.