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Article: Traditional use of the Range Lands

At the community sessions, the elders explained to the Commission that portions of the PLAWR represent their traditional hunting, trapping, and fishing grounds. The following summarizes the evidence as to traditional land uses in the area of the range.

The Joseph Bighead First Nation went north of its reserve to hunt, trap, and fish in and around Primrose Lake.

The Buffalo River First Nation used to trap and hunt around Watapi Lake, which is just inside the range lands. In addition to their value for food harvesting, the range lands were important to the Buffalo River people because they travelled by road across those lands to meet their relatives at Cold Lake.

The Waterhen Lake First Nation hunted and trapped in the area around Lost Lake, and would go as far as Primrose Lake to hunt and fish. Flotten Lake also figured prominently in the elders? Discussion of hunting and trapping patterns at the Waterhen Lake community session; the area west and north of Flotten Lake was described as the old hunting ground.