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Article: Dene Values

The Dene people had to survive in the harsh climate, so the values that were taught during childhood had to reflect a common zeal among the entire tribe. The children depended on the community elders and adults to show them the way of the people and every child was every ones responsibility. If a child broke the law or pattern of a tribe, any woman or man was expected to correct the child if their parents were not around at the time of the incident. The Dene children of the past were taught to respect their elders and this practice provided peace among the people. Our ancestors had unity and unity is a broad word, because it derives from a wide range of beliefs and values across the culture. The children were nurtured to become strong willed, self-respected survivors. Others were taught patience in hunting and making things. They were raised to be humble through the doctrine of where human animals are situated in the cycle of life. The natural and spiritual laws that govern a Dene society encourages one to strive and to arrive at wisdom that our elders have achieved and that is the common vision held by all involved in the harsh vast north.