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Article: Cycle of Seasons

In the old Dene perspective, all the seasons were cherished. The spring held great promise of a productive summer and to prepare for the winter. The cycle is reflected in the activities around the seasons. Each season is different and unpredictable for example; not one summer is identical. Each season brings forward different challenges and prosperity. The stories of the Dene reflect the changes of the seasons and the caribou migration pattern in each one and stories of hunting expeditions. The people are very happy to see another season because they know that it gives a renewed strength and a hope to survive into the next season. Just as the animals would prepare for the long winter months, the Dene people also had to do the same. The cycle of life and the cycle of the seasons can not be observed as separate elements of life. The seasons are remembered by what has taken place in each season whether they were destructive or pleasant like the birth of children or deaths.