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Article: Traditional Transportation

People traveled by foot before the Europeans arrived. They used the dogs for travois. When the horse came they were used for horse back riding and moving with travois. Babies in cradleboards, other children carried on adults back with blankets. There was a taboo in having children every year, because, in case of attack children would not be able to run fast and hinder the escape. The Indian people did not need maps to travel all over the prairies, they had land marks and knew the terrain so well, because of the scout's stories and knew their yearly routes moving from the tree line area to the southern plains.

When the red river cart came it was adopted but horses were a better choice. When wagons came that was even better. Very few Indians had the means to acquire cars, and remained using the wagon for years. Roads were only wagon trails, and sleigh roads were made anywhere in winter. Gravel roads were made only in the 1980's and oiled roads only in 2000 - 2001.