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Article: We Pitisowewepahikan (Double Ball)

This game was played primarily by the women, at least among the Cree. It was a very rigorous game, demanding top physical condition, the goals were placed up to a mile apart.


A stick about three feet long.

Long ago, the double ball was made from two bags of deerskin stuffed with buffalo hair and joined by a leather thong. A dumb bell shaped bean bag or any two small balls which can be fastened together can be used.

How to Play:

1. The game can be played on a football or soccer field or on any area where the goals are at least 100 yards apart. There can be from four to eight players on a team.
2. The game is similar to shinny, except the ball is only moved by throwing it with the curved stick. It cannot be touched with the hands or feet.
3. The game begins with one player throwing the ball toward center field.
4. The ball, once caught by a player, cannot be carried on the stick. It must be passed from one player to another.
5. Players can try to hook the ball by knocking it off their opponent's stick.
6. The team which throws the ball across the goal line wins the game.