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Article: Personal Appearance

Whites writing in through the nineteenth century express repugnance for Indian women and their work. In 1885, William Clark wrote:

"In savagery and bararianism women are merely beasts of burden, prized and valued for their skill in fancy or capacity for heavy work, rather than for beauty of face or figure."

Braided hair parted in the middle and hanging to the front of their shoulders. Old women braid their hair regardless if they were skimpy.

Hair was worn down unbraided when they lost a member of their family to show mourning unbraided hair is still shunned by elders, meaning mourning for nothing. Moss was used for babies as well as menstruation.

Braids a must to keep in unending holistic life, reciting "mind, body and spirit ", while braiding their hair, to be one throughout the day, a reminder to control self from negative forces, attitudes, comments etc.