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Article: Pre-Reserve Housing

The lodges in the plains Cree had were hutches; domed structures like the sweat lodge. They also had the teepee, this structure was small not much higher than the height of a man when the dog was used for a travois. When the horse arrived the teepee became larger because the horses could drag longer poles therefore the lodges became larger. The flooring was insulated with bulrushes in the plains and spruce bows in the northern areas. The people moved camp often not because they liked to, but for hygienic purposes and not wear down the grass. The horses also needed new grazing.

The furnishings were menial, they consisted of back rests, buffalo and moose robes for bedding and par fleches and other personal clothing and food stuff.
Space was small the bed pallets were made in a circular way, The space was no problem because the people mostly spent time out doors, and the lodge was really for sleeping. When there was a need for privacy they tied a robe across the tipi from pole to pole.