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The buffalo was no more, so the people could not have tipi’s made of buffalo hides e.g: A plains Cree Chief Poundmaker's tipi was made of fourteen buffalo hides. (Tipi still in Calgary museum, Alberta, Canada).

They had to live in one-room log cabins or sod houses like the white people. This kind of housing was crowded hard to keep clean because it could not be moved around like the tipi. There was no housing given to the people they had to build them themselves. The roof was made of small logs and covered with sod. The rainy season made them very leaky and unhealthy.

The log cabins had home made tables and beds although most slept on the floor. Chairs were sometimes made out of stumps and a lot of people had home made benches. There was a small heater in the middle of the room and a wood and coal stove in the corner. When windows broke flour sacks were used to cover the window. There were trade pots, pans, knives and guns, There were battery operated radios. Battered cars were bought off white people when they had new vehicles.