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Article: Methods of Food Preparation

Berries were boiled and dried in the sun, later used to make pemmican, wild turnips were used in soups or eaten dried as a cleanser.

Very safe cooking techniques were developed, the method varying according to regions and foods available. Most foods were boiled or barbecued. The native people shared common elements namely their reliance on meat and/or fish, a high protein diet supplement with berries low in fat.

Their adaptability and ingenuity enabled them to develop methods of transportation. Par fleches or stomach bags. Cooking was simple dried jerky or cooked on a stick.

Their intimate knowledge of indigenous plants enabled them to make maximum use of plants as foods and medicines, their great respect for plants and animals and belief in living in harmony with nature and others led to the wise use of food, the development of certain rituals concerning the use of food in religious ceremonies and a commitment to share with others.