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Article: Traditional Principles

The great enemies of the tribe were the bands of the Blackfoot confederacy which alternately retreated and advanced on the western front according to the fortunes of battle. The Cree names for the Blackfoot tribes were pikano-wiyiniwak, Piegan, kaskitewiyasitak, literally, Black Feet, mihkowiyiniwak, Blood People. The Sarsi, sas-iwak, also made many forays against them.

To the south and southwest were several hostile peoples. The Dakota, pwatak, were always dangerous. The Crow, kahkakzwaltcanak, Crow Foot, were noted as a tribe from whom it was particularly difficult to steal horses. The pawistikowiyiniwak Rapids People, Gros Ventre, were occasionally encountered. The village tribes of the Missouri were called kotasiskikamikowak, Mud House People, and were sometimes raided. Tribes rarely met, but none the less known as enemies, were the Cheyenne, kanehiaw estcik, Cree Speakers (from the fact that the Cree could recognize some of the Cheyenne words), kinepiko- wiyiniwak, Snake, palpe-komak, Nez Perce, and napakstokwewak, Flathead. All hostile peoples were included in the generic term, ayahtclyiniwak. Since the Blackfoot in particular were the enemy tribe, this term came to be especially applied to them.