Monica Goulet
Monica GouletMonica Goulet is of Cree, Saulteaux, and French ancestry from Cumberland House, Saskatchewan. Monica was born on February 18, 1957 and is the youngest child of thirteen children to Arthur Goulet and Veronique Goulet (Carriere). Monica is the Indian and Metis Education Consultant for Saskatoon Public School Division since 1986, however, Ms. Goulet is presently seconded to the Office of the Treaty Commissioner as an Education Consultant and as the Treaty Awareness Speakers Bureau Coordinator, situated in Saskatoon.

Monica has been involved in the education and consulting sectors. Her expertise is facilitating Cross-Cultural Educational Workshops. Ms. Goulet has held and contributed to the following positions:

  • Curriculum Resource Coordinator for the Northern Division of Saskatchewan Education (La Ronge);
  • Academic Counselor for the Indian Teacher Education Program (ITEP);
  • Sessional Lecturer for the Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program (SUNTEP);
  • Organized a Student Cross-Cultural Education Trip to New Mexico for her students

Monica Goulet believes in sharing your life experiences and accomplishments, especially if it leads to creating role models for Aboriginal youth. Monica's philosophy of sharing one's life experiences and accomplishments stems from when she was inspired by the story of the first black woman to perform on a television series in the United States and how this woman experienced racism and sexism on the set--the woman was ready to leave her role when Dr. Martin Luther King explained to her that she was in a position of power and influence for other black children in America.

Monica is also a published writer. Enter to view and read Kiam by Monica Goulet found in Sharing Our Experience originally published by the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Woman. Enjoy!

Besides being a published author, Monica is the mother of two children: Joshua Arthur Goulet (born in 1986) and Sasha (born in 1989)--her two favorite published items.

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