Sadie Cote

Sadie Cote was born on Cote First Nation to the late John Friday and Rosie Pratt. She was one of thirteen children. She attended Cote #1 Day School and obtained an acedemic Grade 10, the highest one could go at that time. She married Antoine (Tony) Cote, who at the time was enlisted in the Canadian Army. Sadie was always a hard worker and worked alongside her husband in all his jobs.

Sadie worked and spent time nurturing foster children, having 17 children in her home at one time. In her previous occupations she worked as a Nurses Assistant in Northern Alberta and Kamsack Nursing Home, teacher at Cote Kindergarten and 1st Child Care Worker at Cote. They had the 1st Child Care Program in First Nations in Saskatchewan. Sadie has always been a strong advocate for education, encouraging her children to pursue their education. She took University classes in the summer, while raising her eight children.

She was instrumental in starting a volunteer woman's group on Cote for fundraising initiatives for the Cote Arena, Cote Chiefs and Cote Minor Hockey. Sadie is a leader in her community believing in hard work, caring and sharing, and never too busy to assist those in need.

Sadie was elected as President of the Saskatchewan Indian Woman's Association in the 1970's and was instrumental in negotiating long term funding from various agencies such as INAC, Secretary of State, and Canada Manpower. She strongly believes women are capable born leaders.

When Sadie was President of the Saskatchewan Indian Women's Association, she utilized and paid women Elders and she strongly believed they had a wealth of knowledge they could share with the younger generation. They were life consultants. Today, we see our Provincial First Nations organizations appoint women Senators. She believes women should be more involved at the FSIN political level such as being elected to the Vice-Chief level. She says that men have forgotten the women in politics and women should be equally represented at this level as we enter the new millenium. Life has to improve. No longer can women be left at home keeping the fires going and raising the children.

Sadie, today, is retired but still serves as a Councillor for the Cote Band. She was one of the first women Councillors to be elected and has served many terms. She has given grassroots and family knowledge resources to her leadership in her terms as Councillor. Sadie is busy and sits on various committees at the Band level.

She has been a role model for many First Nation women. She believes life and good health are blessings. Children are precious gifts and loaned to us to teach us lessons in parenting and life. No matter how hard the problem, there is always a solution.

Sadie is a very humble and hard working woman. She does not look for rewards or recognition in any way. She is admired by local RCMP, YTC Health Social Development staff and is sometimes called to serve as an Elder in functions dealing with youth and women.

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