The Project Team, Ron Hyggen, Mason Medynski, Michelle Flamont and Mike Tanton have put countless hours into the development and creation of the Photo Gallery site. The team share their thoughts and experiences of the three months spent collaborating and planning all aspects of the web site.
Ron Hyggen
Ron Hyggen
Ron is a member of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band but was raised mostly in Saskatoon. He is currently in his second year at the University of Saskatchewan in the College of Education. He is in a specialized course called the Indian Teacher Education Program. In his first year of studies he won the Sarah Jane Aubrey Bursary.

My experience working on this web page at the Saskatchewan Indian Culture Centre has been extremely rewarding. The staff has been extremely supportive with our work on the Aboriginal Faces project. I would especially like to thank Duane Turner for his 'above and beyond the call of duty' help. Without his expertise in web page design this page would not have turned out as well as it did. My team, which included Michelle Flamont (or the warden, he, he!) who kept everything very organized which made the web page creation a breeze; Mason Medynski who always kept the office atmosphere light and fun to work in, and Mike Tanton who's calm and cool demeanor always made us first time summer students feel at home. Over all the team as a whole made the summer an experience to remember and for that I sincerely thank them!

Mason Medynski
Mason Medynski

Mason Medynski is a Cree Metis, raised mostly in Saskatoon. Mason is in his first year of classes at the University of Saskatchewan.
Mason's goal is to obtain a degree in Computer Programming.

I found that working on the Aboriginal Faces of Saskatchewan: A Photo Gallery to be very fun and interesting. I learned a lot about Saskatchewan's prominent Aboriginal peoples and I learned a lot about computers and web page design. I enjoyed working with Michelle, Ron and Mike and I hope that this site will be informative for all the people that check it out.

Michelle Flamont Michelle is of Cree and Metis ancestry and is a member of the Ochapowace First Nation. She is entering her fourth year of post-secondary at the University of Saskatchewan in Arts and Science, having attended her first two years of post-secondary at the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College. Michelle's goals is to obtain a degree in Psychology.

I found the project to be pleasing and rewarding. I enjoyed expanding my knowledge in computer technology and I am more confident in my ability to utilize a computer to its fullest capability. The biographies of the First Nation and Metis men and women of Saskatchewan have inspired and motivated me to succeed academically in post-secondary and in life. I am fortunate in having the opportunity to work with Ron, Mason, and Mike for they made the work experience fun and exciting.

Mike Tanton
Mike Tanton
Mike is a Cree-Metis and a member of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan. He is entering his second year in arts and science at the University of Saskatchewan, after attending two years in the College of Education. Mike wants to pursue a career in the Aboriginal justice and criminology area.

Working on the Aboriginal Faces of Saskatchewan project was a great experience. Working with Ron, Mason, and Michelle was more fun than I had expected. The summer went by very fast and I am very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such an interesting project. I am excited about going back to school and will eventually expect to see my biography included in the website as a prominent Aboriginal Face of Saskatchewan not just on the project team. I would like to thank the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Center for the great time this summer.

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