Donald Worme
Donald E. Worme was raised on the Kawacatoose First Nation, in Treaty Four Territory, under the guidance of his grandfather, the late Edward Worme, Sr. He received his elementary education at Quinton Day School and went on to complete his secondary education in Edmonton and Regina. As a younger man, Don received the consistent and invaluable teachings of Cree philosophies, traditions and spirituality from his grandfather. Don considers himself fortunate to have received first-hand knowledge of the treaty history unique to his territory under his grandfather's tutelage, and as such an awareness of Treaty and First Nation rights has been part of Don's life from his early childhood.

Through such education, Don came to understand the legal status of Treaty Indians and the legal issues that confront First Nations people. With a view to making things better for First Nations people, Don embarked on a legal career at the age of 21, and enrolled at the College of Law, University of Saskatchewan in 1982 after completing the Program of Legal Studies for Nation People at the University of Saskatchewan, receiving his Bachelor of Laws Degree in 1985. He went on to Article with the Federal Department of Justice in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and in 1986 received his call to the Saskatchewan Bar. Since this time, Mr. Worme has been a member in good standing with the Saskatchewan Bar.

Don is also a member in good standing with the Indigenous Bar Association in Canada, a national association of Aboriginal lawyers, where he served as President between 1989 and 1991. Don was a founding member of this organization.

Don's legal practice has been focused primarily on those issues that impact Aboriginal people individually as well as on issues affecting First Nations governments and entities. He has been active in promoting and protecting both the collective rights of Treaty First Nation people, and defending and advocating the individual legal rights of Aboriginal people in numerous legal and public forums. Social justice issues, primarily restorative justice, for First Nations people and communities remains an important focus on Don's legal practice.

Mr. Worme's areas of legal practice include Aboriginal Law (or more accurately, Euro-Canadian Law as it affects Aboriginal and First Nations people), Criminal Law, Child & Family Law, Corporate & Commercial Law, and Labour Law.

Since entering private practice, Don's objectives have been to make the practice of law a viable and efficient business. The experience he has gained from working towards this objective has been both rewarding and fulfilling. Don continues to look forward to gaining new experiences and to learning new and effective techniques and strategies to advance the interests of his clients. The most important endeavour for him has been the ability to market his law practice, skills and expertise while maintaining his strong beliefs in his culture, traditions and spirituality.

Don's personal life and law practice are shared with his wife, Helen Semaganis. Don and Helen have four children who range in age from 21 to three years old. Don is a devoted husband and father who has worked consistently at maintaining a balance between his business goals and his personal responsibilities.

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