Carll Machiskinic

Young Artist Making Waves

By: John Lagimodiere

Reprinted with permission by
Eagle Feather News - April 1999 - pg. 11

Carll John Machiskinic & daughter Ashley Page

Carll John Machiskinic is slowly but surely making a name for himself in the local art community. Born and raised at Kawacatoose First Nation, Carll would spend his time drawing and doodling on any piece of paper that he could get his hands on. He would use pencils, pens, crayons, anything to put images in his head onto paper.

Carll left the reserve after Grade Nine and came to Saskatoon to attend high school at City Park. At City Park the teachers soon took notice of his raw talent and encouraged him to refine his talent even more. The support he received was phenomenal and the teachers are very proud of Carll and his success. In the administration office, you will see the evidence as you look at the five paintings the school has bought or received from him.

The teachers have also been able to follow Carll's life through the Carll Machiskinic artworktransitions in his drawings. As he matured and became less angry, his art mellowed. After the birth of his daughter, Ashley Page Machiskinic, they could also see a change. As a sign of his love for his little girl, Carll now puts her initials by his signature on every piece of work.

Carll, now 23 years old, resides at Kawacatoose and spends most of his time drawing, painting and learning how to make Powwow outfits. In his spare time he enjoys all sports especially hockey. Carll is now trying to find ways to market his work to the general public. So far he has had the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College commission some art, as well as Co-Operative Trust Company of Canada. His work is also included in the collections of such people as the editor of Eagle Feather News, and many teachers who fight over his most recent creations.

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