Rick Laliberte

Laliberte says 'let's get to work'

By Kenneth Williams

Reprinted with permission from
Saskatchewan Sage - May 1997 - pg. 13

Rick Laliberte won the Churchill River nomination for the New Democratic Party on Monday, April 30, just two days after the election call was made official.

"I'm just overwhelmed with the response from the membership," said Laliberte after hearing he'd won the nomination.

It was a long nomination process because of the size of the riding, which covers about half of the province of Saskatchewan. The candidates agreed to go with a "most votes win" process because there wouldn't be an opportunity to gather all of the NDP members together in one spot for an extended period of time. After all the votes were tallied, Laliberte got the nod.

Rick Laliberte
Rick Laliberte, NDP candidate

Laliberte, who was born and raised in Beauval, sought the nomination only after considering the platforms and philosophies of all the parties. He found that the NDP's philosophy neatly meshed with his.

"People must come first, that's what attracted me to the party," he said. "People are a priority."

He also discovered that the NDP's philosophy of government reflected the traditional practices of Aboriginal people.

"Democracy is a key word, I guess, practiced in a lot of our traditional communities," he said. "When you choose the destiny of your people it's done with consensus and understanding.

"The main message is 'let's get to work.' Let's focus on the youth," he continued. "It doesn't matter if you're living on a southern farm or a northern trapline, your children are the most important part of your life.

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