Roy Bird

Roy BirdMr. Bird is a member of the Montreal Lake Cree Nation who was appointed to the position of Regional Director General under the senior executive segment of the Interchange Canada Program, Public Services Commission of the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Saskatchewan Region in 1997. He is presently Co-chair of the National Indebtedness review and the National First Nation Child and Family Services review.

Mr. Bird has extensive leadership skills at both elected and appointed levels. He served the Montreal Lake Cree Nation for more than 16 years, both as Councillor and as Chief. He also served as Third Vice-Chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations from 1990-1993.

Roy BirdRoy BirdMr. Bird was responsible for the start-up of the Prince Albert Development Corporation in 1986. As president, he directed such activities as trucking, real estate, security, forestry and other businesses. Prior to joining the federal public service, Mr. Bird served as Chairman of the Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation for 14 years, and was instrumental in the development of the First Nations Bank of Canada.

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Bird will 'make a difference' for riding

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