James (Daniel) Bellegarde
James (Daniel) Bellegarde

Dan BellegardeJames Daniel Bellegarde is a member of the Little Black Bear First Nation and currently resides in Fort Qu'Appelle with his wife Joan.

Dan Bellegarde is presently the president of Dan Bellegarde & Associates, a private consulting firm specializing in governance, community & economic development, organization and leadership development and strategtic planning.

Dan attended the Qu'Appelle Indian-Residential School in Lebret, Saskatchewan and St. John's Day School on the Little Black Bear Reserve for his elementary schooling. The Qu'Appelle Indian-Residential School in Lebret and the Bert Composite High School in Fort Qu'Appelle provided Dan with his secondary education. He was recognized for his hard work by receiving the Tom Longboat Medal for Athletic and Scholastic Excellence for the Saskatchewan Region. During his secondary schooling, Dan involved himself with the Army cadets where he became a Master Cadet and a Cadet Captain. He continued his interest in this field and joined the reserves becoming a Corporal in the Regina Rifle Regiment with training from the Regina Armouries.

In 1968 Dan attended Army Basic Training at Camp Chilliwack in British Columbia later returning to Saskatchewan to attend the University of Regina under the sponsorship of the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. Dan worked towards his Bachelor of Administration and requires one semester of classes to complete his bachelor degree.

Related Professional Training

  • 1975 January to May - Facilitator Training, TRANDS, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
  • 1976 July - Facilitator Professional Development, Rivers, Manitoba
  • 1978 May - Organizational Development, Toronto
  • 1980 March - Organization Development - University Associates, San Francisco
  • 1981 July - International College for Trainers
  • 1983 April to June - Executive Development, Executive Management Development Program
  • 1983 May - Governor General's Canadian Study Conference, Edmonton,
  • 1986 Federal Public Service Commission, Red Deer, Alberta
  • 1993 September to November - Executive Development Program, Banff, Alberta
  • 1994 September - Advanced Environmental Dispute Resolution, Banff, Alberta
Dan Bellegarde

Work History

  • Jan. 1971 - June 1971 - Adult Upgrading Instructor - Department of Continuing Education, Province of Saskatchewan, Regina.
  • 1971 - 1973 (Summers) - Regional Coordinator - High School Student Summer Employment Program, DIAND, FSIN.
  • February 1974 - December 1975 - Assistant Administrator - Qu'Appelle Indian Residential School, Lebret, Sask.
  • January 1976 - September 1977 - Regional Training Facilitator - Sask. Region, DIAND, Regina, Sask.
  • September 1977 - January 1980 - Training Consultant - Centre for Training, Research and Development, Department of Regional Economic Expansion, Prince Albert, Sask.
  • June 1979 - January 1980 - Comprehensive Community Planning Facilitator - Little Black Bear Reserve, Sask.
  • January 1980 - October 1982 - Director, Human Resources Development - Economic Action/Resource Management, F.S.I.N., Saskatoon, Sask.
  • October 1982 - November 1984 - Socio-Economic Planner - Meadow Lake District Chiefs Joint Venture, Meadow Lake, Sask.
  • December 1984 - June 1987 - President, Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies, Saskatoon, Sask.
  • June 1987 - October 1988 - Private Consultant, Saskatoon and Fort Qu'Appelle, Sask.
  • October 1988 - October 1997 - First Vice-Chief FSIN
  • 1992 - Present - Indian Specific Claims Commission - Part-time Commissioner and Co-Chair of the Indian Specific Claims Commission

Dan BellegardeInternational Affairs - James Dan Bellegarde has travelled to Geneva, Caribbean Organization of Indigenous People of Belize, National Indigenous organization of Chili, International Education Conference of the Maori Tribes in New Zealand.

Professional Associations - Society for the Reform of Criminal Law International Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (IACOLE)

Community Association - Friends of Wanuskewan, Wascana Kiwanis Club


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