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Aboriginal Faces of Saskatchewan Welcome to the Aboriginal Faces of Saskatchewan: A Photo Gallery website.

This site highlights Aboriginal people in Saskatchewan who have used their talent and skills in their pursuit of personal excellence. The First Nation and Metis persons included on this site share their stories, experiences, hardships, and accomplishments in their effort to achieve their goals.

The Photo Gallery is also an educational resource tool to access Aboriginal role models, elders, professionals, artists, performers, athletes, and the like. This array of talent and ability will hopefully help to fulfill the needs of the youth and educators in their search for successful First Nation and Metis people.

The Photo Gallery was initially developed to utilize the photographs the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre had in its possession. Gradually, the scope of the site broadened. The site is not a complete gallery of Aboriginal men and women of Saskatchewan; we were limited to the information available at the time of production.

The goal of the Aboriginal Faces of Saskatchewan: A Photo Gallery is to be both entertaining and educational for all.

Please keep in mind as you stroll through the Photo Gallery that with hard work and perseverance, your dreams and goals can be achieved.

Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre owns copyright of this digital collection. This digital collection may only be used for educational non-commercial purposes including any fair dealing for the purposes of private study or research, or use in schools. The Copyright Act of Canada prohibits unauthorized use of this digital collection.

Canada's Digital Collections This digital collection was produced under contract to
Canada's Digital Collections program, Industry Canada.

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