Our Elders: Interviews With Saskatchewan Elders

This website has been influenced by Our Elders and by our Ancestors. This project is about preserving history, language and culture. We hope that our Elders will educate the generations to come through their knowledge and their wisdom.

 The information contained in this site was obtained with the help of the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre. Three published works by the S.I.C.C. provide excerpts from interviews with Saskatchewan Elders. S.I.C.C. also enabled project workers to interview some elders directly.

 We hope this website will promote cultural awareness, and provide younger generations with access to a history that may otherwise be inaccessible. The material on these pages represents a very small, but important part of the wisdom of the First Nations Elders of Saskatchewan. Many of these men and women have passed on, but their words stay with us as a gift to all peoples. In particular, the Elders desire that our young people will appreciate:

  • The need for the participation and the consultation of the Elders in all of our First Nations.
  • The need to establish, renew and re-affirm the relationships with one another through the Elders, the Indigenous professors.
  • The need to instill in our young people a sense of direction since they are our future leaders
  • The idea that the time has arrived to teach our children about their culture and heritage so they can be proud of their Indigenous identity.

 This website includes a searchable database of images and information such as names, bands, languages, dates, interview text, and syllabics.

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