The Mosquito Band is a Nakota/Cree Band located in the Eagle Hills South of North Battleford.

Until the Treaty Land Entitlement Act was enforced, the Mosquito Reserve included three Bands: Mosquito Band #109, the Lean Man Band #111 and the Grizzly Bear’s Head Band #110, and was only 31,680 acres in size. This land was acquired after “Misketo” signed an adhesion to Treaty #6 on August 29, 1878 at Battleford. They settled on the reserve in 1879-1880

Today, the Mosquito Reserve is approximately 9,297 hectares in size with the Grizzly Bear’s Head and Lean Man Reserve covering 3,476 hectares. However, these Bands have one order of Governance with a population of 1,048 members. Only 530 of these members reside on the reserve today.


- 1890 Misketo