Papewas (Lucky man) was one of Big Bear’s headmen, however, in 1879 when the buffalo were scarce he led 470 followers into treaty. Papewas signed an adhesion to Treaty #6 at Fort Walsh on July 2, 1879.

Lucky Man requested land in the Cypress Hills but was denied. He then requested land at Buffalo Lake but was again unsuccessful in obtaining a reserve he desired. More members returned to Big Bear’s Band and as Lucky Man’s band was dwindling, they camped with Little Pine.

Lucky Man followers were then amalgamated with the Little Pine Band. Today the Lucky Man First Nations owns 3,000 hectares near the town of Mayfair which is approximately 60 kilometres east of North Battleford. The present population of the Lucky Man Band sits at 83 members with more returning to their original Band after being “squatters“ on other reserves.


1879 – 1884 Papewas
1884 – 1973 Included with Little Pine
1973 – 1983 Roderick King
1983 – ???? Andrew Okemow
1996 – 2001 Roderick King