Min-a-he-quo-sis was a prominent leader of the Plains Cree, along with Big Bear, Lucky Man and Piapot, who resided in the Cypress Hills with the Assiniboines in the early 1800s. By 1870 the Crees moved to the Battleford area. Min-a-he-quo-sis was then recognized as a Chief.

This Chief was not present during treaty signing in 1876 because he was out hunting with Big Bear. He was eventually forced to sign an adhesion to Treaty 6 on July 21, 1879, due to starvation. At this time Min-a-he-quo-sis had 324 followers, today there is a population of 1,316 members with approximately 545 residing on the reserve.

In 1883 this Cree Chief chose to settle near the Battle River with his followers. He chose this location to be close to his friend Poundmaker.

In 1884 this Cree band settled on the Battle River,however, it wasn’t until 1887 when Little Pine (with over 700 followers) and Lucky Man (with over 800 followers) were granted one reserve. Both Bands were ordered to reside on a piece of land only 25 square miles in size.

The present reserve is located 53 kilometres northwest/north of Battleford, Saskatchewan with a land mass of 6,623 hectares and are acquiring more land through the Treaty Land Entitlement process.


1870-1885  Min-a-he-quo-sis