The Key Reserve is located in the southeastern section of Saskatchewan, approximately 15 kilometres south of Norquay. This reserve is 6,404.8 hectares in size with presently 915 people registered of which 294 live on reserve.

The reserve originated from signing an adhesion to Treaty 4 on September 24, 1875 with Chief Ow-tah-pee-ka-kaw (Key). They were originally mixed Cree and Saulteaux people but eventually began speaking Saulteaux particularly because of the language influence in the area they settled. The people of the Key Reserve originally came from Shoal River and Lake Winnipegosis where they had been settled for approximately 30 years. It is said that 77 people made the journey  from Lake Winnipegosis  and Shoal River to what is presently known as Key Reserve in 1882. Some of the people from the original band stayed behind and are still situated in Manitoba.