The Keeseekoose Reserve is located in southeastern Saskatchewan, near the Manitoba boarder. It is close to both communities of Pelly and Kamsack, and is in between the Cote Reserve and Key Reserve.   Keeseekoose is 6,927.9 hectares in size with a growing population of presently 1,687 people registered of which 580 live on reserve.

The reserve originated from the signing of Treaty 4 on September 15, 1874, with Chief Keeseekoose at Shoal River. These Saulteaux people survived off of the land, mainly fishing, hunting. The first reserve Keeseekoose and his people occupied was in Manitoba , called Swan River Reserve.  Due to annual floods, Keeseekoose's people found it hard to survive.  This brought about the move near Assiniboine River, where they are situated today because of more suitable land and resources.