There are seven different reserves registered under English River Band. La Plonge which is located near Beauval, Wapachewunak which is near Patuanak, Ile A La Crosse, Elak Dase, Knee Lake, Dipper Rapids, and Primeau Lake. All are found in the far northern region of Saskatchewan. These reserves covers approximately 12,492 hectares. In the early 1920ís there were about 200 people which has grown over the decades to a current population of over a 1,000 people with 584 living on reserve.

This reserve emerged from the signing of Treaty 10 in 1906. Prior and succeeding Treaty 10, the native economy evolved around the fur trade and later focused on commercial fishing. The name originates from English River where the Poplar House People inhabited for periods during the year, including during treaty payments. Years ago this reserves was known as Grassy Narrows Reserve. The people of the English River Band chose land around lakes for the assurance of wildlife, fish, and thick vegetation. The descendants of the Poplar House People speak the language of Chipeywan.

The original leader of the English River Band was Chief William Apisis (chief at signing of treaty).