The Day Star Reserve is located in the Southeastern segment of Saskatchewan near the town of Punnichy. This reserve is 6724 hectares in size with a population of 385 people of which 117 reside on the reserve.

This reserve came about after Chief Kusicanahchuk signed an adhesion to Treaty 4. When the Treaty was signed, there was Chief Kusicanahchuk, two headsmen and 40 members belonging to the tribe. The land they carefully choose was heavily wooded for insurance of game and firewood in the harsh environment of the Saskatchewan prairies. Prior to this event the tribes of Kusicanahchuk roamed the vast prairie, particularly the area of the Touchwood Hills area.


Past Chiefs and Headsmen  
Past chiefs and headmen


1874-1904 Day Star
1912-1935 Kinequon
1936-1964 James Kinequon
1964-1967 Morris Kinequon
1967-1969 Anthony Kinequon
1969-1971 Mark Kinequon
1971-1973 Hilliard Crowe Buffalo
1973-1979 Steven Kapay
1979-1979 Tony Kinequon
1979-1981 Hilliard Crowe Buffalo
1987-1991 Cameron Kinequon