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History of the Lance Run

The Lance was first presented to Senator Hilliard Ermine of the Saskatchewan Indian Sport, Culture and Recreation Commission by Chief Douglas Joseph of the Big River First Nation. The Lance was presented with the intention that it would be used for the Saskatchewan Indian Summer and Winter Games.

It was also at this time that the idea of a Sacred Run was first being considered. Ahtahkakoop First Nation wanted to make a Sacred Run from Poundmaker First Nation, who had hosted the 1995 Summer Games to Ahtahkakoop who was hosting the 1996 Summer Games.

Ahtahkakoop was on a quest to find a purpose for the Sacred Run and also to find a cultural symbol the runners would hold similar to the Olympic Torch. In First Nations spirituality, the Creator often gives answers when it is thought there are none, the Lance presented to Senator Ermine provided all of the answers to Ahtahkakoop's dilemma.

The Lance Run only occurs once a year during the Saskatchewan Indian Summer Games when the Lance travels from previous host community to present host community.

This year the Lance will travel from Cowessess First Nation to the Big River First Nation. The runners involved have to remain alcohol and drug free in order to protect the sacredness of the Lance. This will insure that everyone participating in the Games will be kept safe by the Creator whether they be near or far from home.

[Summer 1999]