Community & Economic Development

Band office
Band Office

Treaty Land Entitlement - TLE: Cowessess First Nation is one of the biggest Treaty Land Entitlement bands in Saskatchewan. Approximately 40,000 acres have been purchased, and 5,000 acres have reserve status.

Golf Course: The maintenance and grounds employ seven people.  The Pro Shop is leased and also employ three people. The restaurant  and lounge is also leased employ five to seven people depending on how busy they are.

Shopping Mall: During peak seasons, the mall employs approximately 25 people from the community.

Fire Hall: There is Volunteer Fire Fighters, John Dennis Lerat, Lyndon Lerat, Al Friesen, Jason Sparvier, Chester Agecoutay, Curtis Agecoutay, Ry Lerat, Trevor Desjarlais, Kerry Desjarlais.

Community Hall:
Community Hall

Church: The community of Cowessess has a beautiful church

Baseball: The community of Cowessess has a beautiful sports ground which is home to six tournament sized ball diamonds, with night lighting and a hamburger stand.

Future Plans: