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Mission Statement

To maintain and guard the sovereignty and integrity of our nation within the spirit and intent of the treaties.

Vision Statement

To achieve self-sufficiency and to continue to improve the quality of life for our community and it's membership.



The Cowessess Reserve is located in the Qu’Appelle Valley approximately 13 miles from the community of Broadview, and about 100 miles from the city of Regina. This reserve is 12,048.7 hectares in size with presently 2,825 people registered of which 523 live on reserve.

The reserve began from the signing of Treaty 4 on September 15, 1874. Present at the signing were Chief Cowesses (Little Child), four headsmen, and 69 members.  Although this band signed the treaty, they did not immediately settle until the late 1870s.  The mixed Cree and Saulteaux people of the Cowessess band were plains hunters and gatherers roaming the lands around the USA and Canadian boarder.  These plains people eventually settled near Fort Walsh (Maple Creek), but were pressured to relocate to their present day reserve, which is along the beautiful Qu‘Appelle Valley near the Crooked and Round Lakes.