Nakota Care

Nakota Care Centre

P.O. Box 57
Sintaluta, Saskatchewan
S0G 4N0

Ph.: (306) 727–4457

"To meet the needs and well-being of the children in the community"

The Nakota Care Centre was established in April 1998. Six Band members are employed at this location: 1 Director, 3 full-time permanent Care-givers, and 2 Emergency Care-givers. The staff had the opportunity to educate themselves through the Early Childhood Education Program and some obtained Babysitting certificates through another program.
The staff are well prepared to handle any situation and enjoy providing various activities for the children in the community.

Nakota Lodge

Nakota Lodge "To preserve and maintain the Nakota culture and traditions, particularly for the younger generation, through the knowledge of the elders."

The Nakota Lodge was constructed in 1988 for the benefit of the 64 Elders in the community. Brenda Haywahe was hired part-time to establish and supervise adequate programming.
Regular gatherings are held for teatime, potluck lunches, birthdays, trips, and language development and advisory meetings.
The Elders are considered an asset and are called upon to assist with the language and curriculum development for the new school. They are also an advisory board for the Justice Department that is presently being developed.
Some of the trips made were to The Wanuskewin Heritage Park in Saskatoon, The Motherwell Homestead near Balcarres, and to Cypress Hills. "The Elders enjoy these trips very much and are uplifted by these experiences."
Also, a new building was constructed near the medical clinic, which provides a whirlpool and exercise room geared towards the Elders.

New building