Community and Economic Development

Community has own gas bar and convenience store!

Nakota Junction 
Box 189
Sintaluta, Saskatchewan
S0G 4N0

Ph.: (306) 727–2282
Fax: (306) 727–4524

Nakota Junction
The Little Kettle Carry The Kettle owns and operates a gas bar and convenience store which was constructed in 1995. The manager is Faye Thomson, a local band member. She employs 4 full-time workers and hires students throughout the year. The store is presently under construction. It is expanding to meet the demands of the community. A fast food bar was also added to this business. 

“The Little Kettle” is kept very busy, especially throughout the summer months, two band members are employed in this fast food joint.

Nakota Junction

Cool Springs Potato Plant—Band owned and operated.

Cool Springs Potato Farm LTD.
Box 57
Sintaluta, Saskatchewan
S0G 4N0
Ph.: (306) 727–2135

Carry The Kettle purchased this potato plant from the town of Wolseley, which is situated 30 kilometres west of the reserve.

The farm is presently under summer fallow for the year of 1999 and will be back in business in the year 2000.

Plastic Plant doing well.

CTK Developments
“Quality and Service
                    Begins With Your Order” 

P.O. Box 1768
1815 Stadacona Street West
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
S6H 7K8

This Plastic plant is a Saskatchewan company wholly owned by CTK Developments, A First Nations Band of Saskatchewan. This Plastic plant was purchased in 1989 and is located in Moose Jaw. The manager, Brian J. Mcguigan employs as many Band members as possible.

“We are dedicated to giving our customers quality products and friendly efficient service. No customer is too big and no order is too small.”

Please call our sales hot-line for more information: (800)–667–8847

“Medicine House” to serve community

Carry The Kettle Medical Clinic
P.O. Box 180
Sintaluta, Saskatchewan
S0G 4N0

Ph.: (306) 727–2101
Fax: (306) 727–2052

Carry The Kettle Medical Clinic

The “Medicine House” was established in November 1993 “to provide adequate health programs to benefit the community.” Some programs provided are: Indian Parenting Effectiveness Training, Children’s Self Esteem Program, Understanding Our Healing Journey, Youth Programs, National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program, Home Care Program, Counselling and various other workshops which are offered throughout the year.

There are sixteen employees, mainly from the Band, who administer these programs. They are as follows:

Carry The Kettle Fire Hall

The Band presently owns one fire truck
which is on call 24 hours per day. Gabriel
Saulteaux is the Fire Chief and there are
many volunteers from the community.