The Assiniboines

The Reserve of the Assiniboine people is located in the southeastern segment of Saskatchewan approximately 100 kilometres east of Regina along the #1 highway. This reserve is 15 kilometres by 13 kilometres in size with a population of 1940 of which 712 of these people reside on the reserve.

This reserve status came about after Chief Cuwkencaayu signed an adhesion to Treaty number four on September 25, 1877. Prior to this event the tribes of Cuwekencaayu and Long lodge resided in the Cypress Hills along with other Cree tribes of Payepot and Little Pine. The Assiniboines then moved from the Cypress Hills and settled in the area around Indian head. It was after Chief Cegakinís appointment as Chief in 1891, after the death of his brother Cuwkencaayu, did they relocate to the present location.


1877-1891 Chief Cuwkencaayu (Man-Who-Took-The-Coat) (44 Lodges)
                   Headmen: Long Lodge (42 lodges) 1877-1884
                   Poor Man (34 lodges)

1891-1923 Chief Cegakin (Carry The Kettle)