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SICC Annual Report

With the guidance of the Board of Governors, senior management continues to provide financial and administrative services that contribute to the efficient operations of the SICC.
In 1972, the SICC was established as the primary cultural institution of the First Nations of Saskatchewan. Today, the SICC remains the leading institution of the 74 First Nations of Saskatchewan mandated for the preservation of our languages, cultures, traditions and heritage. The SICC was a realization of the vision that arose among our Elders and leadership for an institution to uphold the cultural and spiritual contributions of our ancestors.
As the department reports will detail, the SICC has carried out extensive activities to full its mandate. To view any of the Annual Report, please click the pictures below.
SICC Annual Reportt 2014-15
SICC Annual Report 2013-14              
SICC Annual Report 2012-13
SICC Annual Report 2011-12
SICC Annual Report 2010-11

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