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SICC Birds of Prey Program

Annually, the Birds of Prey Program allows for the distribution of feathers and other items from birds of prey such as Eagles and Hawks for Saskatchewan First Nations ceremonial and spiritual purposes only. The applications are reviewed and recommendations are made by the SICC Elders Council.
2019 Important Dates (Subject to Change)
  • January 15 - Call for Applications
  • April 15 - Deadline for applications
  • May 1-8 - Applications review by SICC Elders Council, successful recipients notified
  • May 13-17 - Feather Issuance Ceremony
Click here to download the full 2019 Birds of Prey Application Package.
Protocol for Eagle Feathers
The Eagle feather is the most sacred and honoured gift given to an individual. The care and responsibility that comes with carrying an Eagle feather must be taught. An Eagle is our most sacred of birds because the Eagle carries our prayers to the Creator and is therefore heard. The Eagle is also our relative and is part of our family. As a part of our family, we must care for and respect that it has given up its life so that a person may carry its feathers. 
To access the Protocol for Eagle feathers, please click below.












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